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Groves Country

Groves Country is a family name and we take pride in it. We are a fourth generation farmers, though we are the first generation of mushroom farmers, we are farmers nonetheless. Tia and I havent always been farmers, actually we are commercial fishermen in Alaska and have been for 11 years, but more on that later... Farming has always been in my blood, and i come from a line of really exceptional onion and potato  farmers. It wasnt until the last 7 years that i really decided i wanted to pursue agriculture in some way. You'd think it would be easy given the background I come from to just jump right into farming right? Wrong! I didnt get the opportunity handed to me like I hoped. Instead I learned a lot about what it takes to be a man and if i want something i needed to work for it. I thought I could never be a farmer, so i decided to stick to the only thing I knew. Commercial fishing.  

She said yes! this was a very special day, I had no idea what was to come after this all i knew was that i wanted her every day for the rest of my life. Funny thing about it is I still do want her every day. We have been married for 3 years now and have two incredibly perfect little boys. as our family has grown we have had to spend less time together, unfortunetly the Wigeon is not a place for little kids. I love fishing, I always said it is the best job in the world. Until now. Being a father and a husband is by far the greatest job in the world.

Now i have a new dream and that is to grow the highest quality mushrooms in all of idaho and be the God fearing man of my house everyday! So eat Groves Country Mushrooms and be proud that your helping a families dreams come true!