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What is REKO?

Reko is a trade model originally created in Finland. Its popularity is growing and we are excited to bring it to the Treasure Valley!

In short, it is a Facebook-based pre-ordering system for local products.


Imagine being able to shop for fresh, local and ethical produce from the comfort of your own home without having to deal with the messy hustle and bustle of stores or markets, whilst supporting small-scale producers?


All of this is possible!  Simply join our REKO- Treasure Valley Facebook group and place your order by commenting on the producer’s post.


From here, you will be able to place and pick up orders weekly at our designated pick-up spot at a designated time.


What Are the Benefits?

   For Consumers...


  • Not only is this convenient, but it makes different varieties of local, fresh produce more accessible and helps to take away from over-harvesting which can result in excessive waste and packaging.

  • This direct relationship with producers eliminates the middle men 

  • As a bonus, you will also get to meet the friendly faces behind the produce, and eliminate all middlemen that would otherwise be involved (and sadly benefit from the producer's hard work)

  • Not only will you nourish your body with fresh produce but you’re also supporting local families and farmers who are supporting the wellbeing of our planet

  • Learn about their transparent techniques as well as animal welfare.

  • Support locally produced food and community networks.

What Are the Benefits?

 For Producers...

  • Increases profitability of local producers by having direct and promised sales and by minimizing waste, packaging, delivery time and eliminating any middlemen (no commissions or hidden fees involved!)

  • Move away from trade rules; there is no need for papers/health and safety regulations of market. If you are a legitimate, ethical producer that practices wholesome methods, you're a great fit for REKO! 

  • Producers can set their own prices which demands transparency and healthy competition.

  • Save time! Traditional farmers markets take 4-8 hours/week whereas REKO only takes about 1 hour each week to deliver and sell produce.

  • Opportunity to create a vibrant local food community and create lasting relationships with your community.



  • Join the REKO- Treasure Valley Facebook group. Please answer all 3 questions upon requesting to join.

  • Producers will post what they will be selling for the week such as eggs, milk and veggies. Different producers will have different goods to offer. Amounts available will vary based on that week's harvest.

  • Consumers can order the product by commenting on the post, for example, “1 dozen eggs and 4 bunches of carrots”, please specify quantity.

  • Consumers may NOT post on the REKO page. Please search the group for the items you're interested in rather than "ISO" type posts. Only Producers may make posts on the REKO page. 

  • Once all of the produce for the week is claimed, the producer will edit their post to note if they are sold out for the week.

  • On designated day(s) each week, consumers will meet producers at the designated spot at the designated time to pay and collect their goods.

  • The earlier you check the Facebook group, the better chance you have of ordering the specific items you want. You can place an order at any time during the week, up to midnight the night before the pick-up!


  • Join the Treasure Valley Farmers REKO group. Please answer all 3 questions upon requesting to join the group.

  • THEN, once approved, join and post on our REKO- Treasure Valley  group with the goods you are harvesting and selling for the week.

  • Please specify quantity and price and payments accepted along with 5-6 photos of them.

  • If all your goods have been claimed for the week, please edit your post to let consumers know if you have sold out for that week.

  • Consumers can place orders up to midnight the night before the REKO meet up by commenting on your post.

  • Before your meetup, write down the orders from your comments and prepare the goods to bring to the designated meeting point

  • Your customers will come find you to collect their goods and pay you on the spot!




  • You must be transparent about the processes used to produce your product as well as animal welfare.

  • ONLY sell what you yourself have produced or what is produced as a direct by-product of your raw materials.  NO RE-SELLING

  • Please be reliable and only offer what will be readily available.

  • You must deliver your product in person, even if just for a small order. This will help to establish producer-consumer relationships.

  • Please reduce packing and use the least amount of plastic as possible.